International sports star Genoveva Anonma revealed that she was asked to strip naked to prove her “womanhood” in front of World Cup officials. Not only was her…

…..The Beach Boys, “God Only Knows”!!!! And what a beautiful video as all these super mega world stars come together to celebrate the BBC, the media conglomerate is celebrating it’s 90th year anniversary!  Check out the video….      

What will Mr. West say? We already know that he thinks black men shouldn’t wear flip flops but how deep will he allow BBC’s Zane Lowe to go? Check out part 1 of Lowe’s conversation with West where he goes deep in about Yeezus. West says, ‘this is what fu*king frustration sounds like.’ West goes […]

Kevin Hart has more jokes about Miley Cyrus! Check it out below!

If you aren’t familiar with Christopher Francis Ocean at this point it will pretty much be impossible not to know him in 2012. If you somehow missed his collaborations with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West and John Legend or never heard the much acclaimed Nostalgia, ultra mixtape, fret not,  Frank states in an interview with BBC the album […]

Attention Idris Elba fans! “LUTHER” Season 2 will premiere on BBC America Wednesday, September 28th.  Elba returns in his Golden Globe and Emmy nominated role as the brilliant, but tortured DCI John Luther.  Expect twice the thrills and chills as Luther hunts down a mask wearing serial killer terrorizing the streets of London.  Watch trailer […]

Before you settle in for the umpteenth “Law & Order” marathon, add “Luther” to the DVD rental queue. Idris Elba stars as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in this Golden Globe nominated BBC series. Luther is both brilliant and impulsive, a lethal combination that makes him just as dangerous as the criminals he seeks to […]