Barry Bonds

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The most recent sports scandal hit the cycling world during this year’s Olympics. It was reported Lance Armstrong, the world’s most decorated cyclist, would be…

Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstruction of justice. Bonds was on trial for perjury after testifying before a grand jury in 2003 that he had never taken or accepted human growth hormone.

Barry Bonds is currently on trial for perjury for lying in court about his use of performance enhancing drugs a.k.a “steroids.” Bonds was indicted in 2007. Barry faces five charges in total including four charges of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice. Bonds’ ex-beau Kimberly Bell testified against him in court yesterday. It […]

Barry Bond’s mistress Kimberly Bell was called to testify in court for the Home Run King’s perjury trial. She met Bonds in 1994 while he was married to his ex-wife Liz Watson. Watson filed for divorce in February of 2010 citing irreconcilable differences. RELATED: Are Female Celebrities Using Steroids? Prosecutors are hoping that Bell’s testimony […]

San Francisco — Federal prosecutors have cut the number of felony charges Barry Bonds faces from 11 to five. In a court filing Thursday, prosecutors filed their third revised indictment against Bonds, who is scheduled to stand trial March 21. In the new indictment, they reduced from nine to three the number of charges alleging […]