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Selena Gomez made a major announcement today when she said that her family is “Expanding” . She tweeted the following: “Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news…My mommy’s carrying my baby brother or sister:)  I’m the happiest girl in the world!!”  For more information on this story and others related go to

The Game has plans to sign with Cash Money once his deal with Interscope ends. He says he has been tight with the Cash Money, Young Money camp since NBA player Baron Davis days with the New Orleans Hornets. Baron Davis is the godfather to The Game’s son and the rapper got tight with Birdman […]

Baby aka Birdman covers the June 2011 issue of XXL Magazine. The Cash Money “billionaire” talks possibly being the last mogul in hip hop and allowing Lil Wayne to takeover his own career. Baby says that was the smartest move he made in his life. Check out the excerpt below. “Honestly, I gave him the floor,” Baby […]

With all the controversy surrounding Mister Cee’s gay scandal, footage and articles of Hip Hop and homosexuality have surfaced all across the Internet. This video of Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby on the lips is the latest addition to the mayhem. While I do not think Lil’ Wayne or Baby is gay, I think the notion […]

Remember when Phoenix Sun’s player Steve Nash divorced his wife immediately after she gave birth to their child, and no one could figure out why? Well, word on the street is that Steve’s former teammate Leandro Barbosa IS the father. Sources are saying that Barbosa was traded because Nash caught wind of the affair and […]

Lil Wayne addresses Jay-Z’s “Baby money” line in “H.A.M.” with Sway of MTV News. Shout out to Lil Wayne…well said.

Baby aka Birdman, one of the founders of Cash Money Records, is known for stuntin’.  During a recent interview with Big Boy’ Neighborhood, Baby was asked what the largest check he ever cashed was, and the N’awlins rapper says it was a $100 million check.

This 11-month old baby’s weight and size is shocking!

As Wayne patiently awaited Nicki’s arrival to the stage, he complimented her shoe game, saying “She gotta walking slow, I know she got some killer shoes on right now.” The buxom Barb then appeared in said stilettos and signature blonde wig accompanied by Drizzy Drake. Nicki and Drake received platinum plaques for their works “Thank […]

Baby bets $1 Million on Green Bay winning the Super Bowl today! Must be nice! LOL RELATED: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Pick: “Green & Yellow” [MUSIC]

Tia Mowry from the hit show “The Game” talks about being pregnant and how she broke the news to her husband. Click the video below to watch!