Amber Rose

If you ask Amber, Kanye definitely called Taylor Swift to approve his "Famous" lyrics.

“The Ed Lover Show” went around the room to talk about the recent Hip Hop Honors. They listed things that never need to happen again as well as changes that must be made including never having Amber Rose involved in any hip hop show, having someone else perform Biggie’s parts on songs and so much […]

Rape allegations have plagued Ian Connor ever since Emory University student Malika Anderson posted a lengthy blog post about being sexually abused by the stylist and creative director, who worked closely with Kanye West until, it seems, he was recently fired. Earlier today, Amber Rose came forward and said that the allegations against Connor are far deeper […]

Like the rest of us, Amber Rose's toddler is wildly entertained by her rump shaking skills

Plus Demi Lovato, Gabrielle Union and more.