Kameelah Williams looks back on her experience in the 90s R&B group 702, and explains what she realized they could have done better. She talks about working with Missy Elliott, and the tragic passing that struck one of the group’s members. She explains why, despite the fact that 702 was successful and producing hits on […]

Singer Kameelah Williams, also known as Meelah, is best known for being the lead singer of the 90s R&B trio, 702. But the trio wasn’t always a trio. As Kameelah tells Ed Lover & Monie Love, her addition to the group certainly shook things up for the girls, and may have caused some of the […]

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors of Beyonce’s record label being unhappy with her new album. Columbia Records allegedly thinks a reunion of Destiny’s Child would be better for Queen Bey. Many believe the only reason the label is saying this is because they dropped Kelly Rowland as a solo act and now her […]