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Kentucky quarterback Will Levis waits in the Green Room with family at the 2023 NFL Draft

Source: Photo/Doug Benc

Last night in the 2023 NFL Draft Will Levis was getting a lot of air time but not for the right reason.

Will levis was rated as one of the top 4 quarterbacks to be taken in the 2023 NFL Draft. According to a reddit rumor he potentially had the chance to go #1 overall.

Levis ended up slipping out of the first round.

While the cameras kept revisiting Levis just sitting in the greenroom, a herd of pretty ladies kept surrounding him. Of course all players and family are dressed up and glammed up looking nice but when Will Levis’ girlfriend appeared on the camera it was more like a glow.

So who is Will Levis’ girlfriend?

Will Levis’ girlfriend is Gia Duddy. Levis and Duddy have be dating since 2021.

Gia Duddy is a social media sensation. Duddy boasts over 90,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts photos of her travels, game-day styles, and snaps with Levis.

You can also find Gia Duddy on TikTok along with her 380,000 followers.

She is currently a Senior at Penn State where According to the New York Post, that is where the couple met before Will left for Kentucky to play quarterback for the Wildcats.

We wish Will Levis luck in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft tonight but first say hi to Gia Duddy.

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