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WATCH: Every NFL Teams Schedule Release Video

Wednesday marked the exciting release of NFL teams’ schedules, accompanied by a plethora of engaging and entertaining videos from their social media teams.

Among the standout performances:

  • Tennessee Titans – The Titans revamped their previous schedule release that was known for being very successful and they executed it really well.
  • Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons wowed spectators by tapping into nostalgia with a nostalgic nod to the NFL Street theme.
  • Los Angeles Chargers – the Chargers took a bold creative leap with a Sims-themed video, adding a touch of whimsy and imagination to the mix.

However, not every team hit the mark today.

Among the least favorite performances:

  • Seattle Seahawks – Let’s just say their mascots schedule release for the team was better
  • New York Giants –  The Giants social media team tried to act as if doing a schedule release video wasn’t cool. But, all other 31 teams did one.
  • Indianapolis Colts – Personally, I don’t get the pronunciation video. But, the players in the classroom one was cool.

From revamps to nostalgic themes and imaginative concepts, each team brought something unique to the table, demonstrating the power of digital storytelling in captivating audiences and building excitement for the upcoming season.

See below to WATCH: Every NFL Teams Schedule Release Video!

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1. Tennessee TItans

2. Miami Dolphins

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

6. Minnesota Vikings

7. Philadelphia Eagles

8. Cincinnati Bengals

9. Carolina Panthers

10. Los Angeles Chargers

11. Kansas City Chiefs

12. Las Vegas Raiders

13. Atlanta Falcons

14. Chicago Bears

15. Dallas Cowboys

16. Washington Commanders

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

18. Baltimore Ravens

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Detroit Lions

21. Green Bay Packers

22. Denver Broncos

23. Arizona Cardinals

24. Los Angeles Rams

25. New York Jets

26. New England Patriots

27. Houston Texans

28. San Francisco 49ers

29. New Orlean Saints

30. Buffalo Bills

31. New York Giants

32. Seattle Seahawks