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Twitter is the land of often terrible opinions and debates, and that point was proven once again when someone posed a ridiculous question regarding Mike Tyson and LeBron James. The tweet imagined a fictional fight between the NBA superstar and the boxing legend but folks on the social media service are clowning the scenario as they should.

Twitter user Dunk Topic posted, “LeBron James with 2 years of training vs. prime Mike Tyson, who do you got?” featuring images of a buff James and prime fighting shape Tyson. With immediacy, the idiotic debate was off to a roaring start with most sensibly stating that one man is great on the hardwood while another was an all-time force in the square circle. Even with the best training, Tyson has put men at James’ size and height on the ground, and at 55 years old, he still looks like he can do that.

These debates can be fun if infuriating and we’re choosing to highlight the best and most hilarious responses to the question. Check out the reactions below.

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We’re banking on stupid.




This too is accurate.