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The dating life of celebrities is more connected to their careers than most are willing to admit. A great relationship can astronomically elevate the careers of both parties involved (see: Beyoncé and Jay-Z), meanwhile a bad one can completely result in career-damaging catastrophe — just ask Tory Lanez about his alleged affair with Megan Thee Stallion!

Speaking of Lanez, the troubled emcee has been rumored for months to be dating another female emcee, Aussie chart-topper Iggy Azalea. Like everyone else, we only had one reaction to that news: “WTF?!”



As Lanez stated in a tweet sent out last week (seen above), the pairing on a surface level is strictly professional as he plans to executive produce her next album. However, the two rappers have been creating dating buzz since the beginning of this past summer, with Iggy even gifting Lanez a cake a few weeks ago to celebrate the release of his new album, Sorry 4 What.

While Iggy and Tory are completely free to live their lives as consenting adults, it does raise eyebrows that she would align herself with him given his many, many controversies at the moment. On Tory’s side, does he really want to get involved with yet another female rapper after still-ongoing legal troubles with Meg? Hey, do you!


The odd pairing did get us thinking about a few other rumored celebrity couples over the years that had us scratching our heads. Some ended up being true, others were completely misunderstood and a select few were just embarrassing to say the least — sorry, Matt Barnes! More on that later.

Take a look at the most WTF celebrity dating rumors that were entertaining even if not true, and let us know which pairing(s) should’ve been official or benefitted from going public:



Y’all Talk? 8 Most WTF Celebrity Dating Rumors  was originally published on

1. Drake & Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo referring to Drizzy as a “booty call” is either the ultimate troll on her side or the ultimate win on his. We’ll let you decide. 

2. Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones

Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones Source:VH1/VIACOM

Fizz knows he was wrong for dating the baby mother of his former B2K band member! We’ll never get over this one.

3. Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Source:Getty

It seems as though the only thing these two share in common is being albums of The WB — him with The Jamie Foxx Show, her with Dawson’s Creek. 

4. Diddy & Lori Harvey

Dating the son and daddy is a whole new flex, but who’s looking at lineage when you’re a serial dater with a face and body like Lori?

5. Lenny Kravitz & Nicole Kidman

Fresh out of her marriage to Tom Cruise, Kidman decided to let love rule with the pioneering Black rock star for a whole year without anyone knowing. Oh, and they were engaged! Now that’s a true undercover lover.

6. Chris Tucker & India.Arie

This one might actually make you laugh, especially given the “Brown Skin” singer’s responses on Twitter when the rumor began back in 2020. They do make for quite the melanated pairing though.

7. Matt Barnes & Rihanna

Now this one will definitely make you laugh! Rihanna will always be the queen of clapbacks and clearing her name — ouch!

8. Lewis Hamilton & Nicki Minaj

Lewis Hamilton & Nicki Minaj Source:Getty

Her being Trinidadian and him from Grenadian descent may have been the one thing that could’ve made this work. Other than that, what exactly would a New York rap star and British race-car driver had to talk about?