1. Brian Westbrook

Brian Westbrook Source:Radio One

HOF’er Brian Westbrook was a guest on the QHMS philadelphia eagles,eagles,philly,brian westbrook,hof’er

2. Gary Owen

Gary Owen Source:Radio One

Comedian Gary Owen on the QHMS stand-up,comedy,gary owen,qhms

3. Otherhood

Otherhood Source:Radio One

Cindy Chupack and Jake Hoffman from the Netflix movie Otherhood stopped by netflix,movies,qhms,otherhood,cindy chupack,jake hoffman

4. Gary Owen

Gary Owen Source:Radio One

Comedian Gary Owen on the QHMS comedy,gary owen,stand up,qhms

5. Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti Source:Radio One

Irv Gotti on the Quincy Harris Morning Show irv gotti,quincy harris,qhms,murder inc

6. Rotimi

Rotimi Source:Radio One

Actor and singer Rotimi power,starz,rotimi,quincy harris,qhms

7. Aries Spears

Aries Spears Source:Radio One

Comedian Aries Spears was a guest on the QHMS comedian,aries spears,comic,quincy harris,qhms

8. Darryl Shuler

Darryl Shuler Source:Radio One

Darryl Shuler was a guest on the Quincy Harris Show quincy harris,qhms,darryl shuler

9. Dana Chanel

Dana Chanel Source:Radio One

Dana Chanel on the Quincy Harris Morning Show quincy harris,qhms,dana chanel,sprinkle of jesus

10. Sixx King

Sixx King Source:Radio One

Sixx King was a guest on the Quincy Harris Morning Show. He has a new movie “Once Upon A Time In Philly” quincy,quincy harris,qhms,sixx king

11. Justice Singleton

Justice Singleton Source:Radio One

Justice Singleton was in town to promote her latest film project john singleton,quincy harris,qhms,justice singleton

12. O’Shea Jackson, Jr

O'Shea Jackson, Jr Source:Radio One

O’Shea Jackson, Jr on the QHMS promoting his new movie Long Shot jr,quincy,o’shea jackson,quincy harris,qhms

13. Hassan Bennett

Hassan Bennett Source:Radio One

Hassan Bennett was in prison for 13 years and four trials and he successfully defended himself quincy,quincy harris,hassan bennett

14. Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith Source:Radio One

Dr. Ian Smith was on the QHMS to promote his new book Clean & Lean health,diet,dr. ian smith,quincy harris,qhms

15. Prom

Prom Source:Radio One

We interviewed the women of Prom Phairytale about their upcoming prom drive prom,quincy harris,qhms

16. Aaron McKie

Aaron McKie Source:Radio One

Aaron McKie has been named the new head coach of Temple basketball basketball,temple,quincy harris,qhms,aaron mckie

17. Roy Wood, Jr

Roy Wood, Jr Source:Radio One

Comedian Roy Wood, Jr stopped by the show comedian,jr,quincy,quincy harris,qhms,roy wood

18. Jamisa McIvor

Jamisa McIvor Source:Radio One

Jamisa McIvor is a Millennial Millionaire quincy,interviews,quincy harris,qhms,jamisa mcivor

19. Roy Wood Jr Wakanda

Roy Wood Jr Wakanda Source:Radio One

Roy Wood, Jr on the QHMS comedian,jr,k. foxx,quincy,quincy harris,roy wood

20. Sheena Roberson

Sheena Roberson Source:Radio One

Sheena Roberson is the founder of Cannabis Noire quincy,interviews,quincy harris,qhms,sheena roberson

21. Siddiq Water Ice

Siddiq Water Ice Source:Radio One

Siddiq Water Ice came by to bring K.Foxx water ice quincy,quincy harris,qhms,water ice

22. Raheem Shackleford

Raheem Shackleford Source:Radio One

Raheem Shackleford surprises mom after being in jail for 21 years quincy,quincy harris,qhms