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The 5 Best Black Business Podcasts on The Urban One Podcast Network 9/01/23

Source: Urban One Podcast Network / Urban One

In this edition, we dive into a diverse array of podcasts that promise to inform, inspire, and entertain. From former Destiny’s Child member Latavia Roberson’s intriguing journey into sports management to strategies for achieving a work-life balance with burnout expert Dr. Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne, and financial wisdom with Sameer Sawaqed and Richard Corral to a political comedy documentary from the Small Doses Podcast team and finally, gaining insights into the experiences and challenges faced by successful black women in the entertainment industry, the Urban One Podcast Network has a wide range of podcasts that bring you the best insights into the life of an entrepreneur.



On the Mind, Body & Business Podcast, Maria More celebrates a full year of offering actionable insights about staying in shape and self-improvement tips to help you launch and scale your business with stories from entrepreneurs, influencers, and media personalities. On the Cheat Code Unlocked, we hear from internet-savvy business strategists about the strategies they’ve used to scale their business and investing strategies that they have used for financial growth.

Here Are 5 Best Black Business Podcasts on the Urban One Podcast Network

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1. ‘Mind, Body, and Business’ Battling Burnout with Dr. RJ

There has been a lot of talk about getting to the bag these days. People are striving to get more and in doing so, people are doing more. There is nothing wrong with striving for excellence and to have more money, but there has to be a work-life balance unless you will burnout.

On this episode, Maria had the pleasure of speaking with Burnout Strategist, Coach, and  psychologist Dr. Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne. Dr. RJ is founder and CEO of Ask Dr. RJ Inc., which empowers people and organizations to beat burnout, promote wellness and achieve a good work-life balance. Dr. RJ gives advice on how to identify that you are burnt out and ways to help you move forward. 

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2. ‘Listen to Black Women’ Defining Success

How does Jessie Woo and Nzinga Imani define success? In this week’s episode of Listen to Black Women: The Podcast, host Lore’l sits with the ladies, who share their journeys of what it took to reach the level of success they are at now by having to provide their own wardrobe and glam for television shows to demanding respect in their budding careers. The ladies also discuss the hardships they have faced in the industry from being body shamed, to negotiating their own contracts, and who they look up to for mentorship!

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3. ‘Small Doses’ Side Effects of In Amanda We Trust

Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems on Small Doses a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use. In this week’s episode, Amanda Seales takes us on an inspiring journey as we dive into the world of creative independence and political comedy. Plus, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how Seales put together her very first political comedy documentary releasing soon.

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4. ‘Cheat Code Unlocked’ Retire Wealthy: Investing Strategies with Sameer Sawaqed and Richard Corral

Buckle up for an enriching episode of Cheat Code Unlocked! This week, we’re honored to host financial gurus, Sameer Sawaqed and Richard Corral. They’re here to unfold the secrets of retiring wealthy through strategic investing.

From understanding various investment vehicles to managing risks and diversifying portfolios, Sameer and Richard share their deep insights and best practices to build financial security and freedom. Their discussion also delves into the importance of a disciplined investing approach, patience, and the power of compounding. Whether you’re a novice investor or an experienced wealth manager, this episode will equip you with the tools you need to reach your retirement goals.

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5. ‘Mompreneur’ Latavia Roberson From Destiny’s Child to Sports Management

In the season finale of Mompreneurs, Nancy Redd sits with former member of the award winning musical group Destiny’s Child, Latavia Roberson! Roberson discusses her journey from the music business to going into sports management, being the first black woman to represent a professional boxer, and how she landed her own show at fashion week for her lingerie line!

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