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Mother’s Day card with Hearts Wreath.

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On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the maternal figures in our lives (auntie and grandma included) with gatherings and gifts, but the true joy in the holiday is taking time to reflect on the influence mom has had over our lives.

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Mom shaped our beauty ideals, how we view ourselves and other women, how we approach our romantic relationships and pretty much everything in-between. Mom gave us our first lessons in love and self-sacrifice and we’re forever grateful.

The editors and writers at HelloBeautiful salute all moms, aunties, grandmas, big sisters, cousins and God-mother’s today by sharing all the things we learned from our mamas.

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1. Maui Bigelow

Maui Bigelow Source:Maui Bigelow

Although my mother is both beautiful and brilliant, she is a tomboy, she didn’t offer much in regards to beauty. My obsession with all things beauty came from the women in my tribe who contributed to my growth and development. Women like my Auntie Carolynn, my cousin Shirley, and my favorite teacher Mrs. Brown influenced my love for lipstick which is to date my favorite beauty product. I can remember waiting impatiently to be old enough to wear red lipstick like Mrs. Brown. 

However, my mother was very confident and unapologetic about who she was. While my mother wasn’t a fan of my obsession with beauty she encouraged me to do it with only myself in mind. Which is what I did and what I teach my daughter. Adorn yourself with confidence and understand that it is the foundation of your beauty. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box, just remember to wash your face, drink plenty of water, and mind your business. That’s how you keep it cute. 

2. Keyaira Boone

Keyaira Boone Source:Keyaira Boone

My twin aunts Paula and Carla are the flyest women I know. They always have their makeup and hair on point! They’ve rooted for me and helped me get ready for a few major events throughout my life but the most special was my 8th grade dinner dance. Paula did my hair and Carla did my makeup and I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. That evening they taught me the power of bold eyeliner and I never looked back. To this day whenever I have a special occasion I never feel like my look is complete unless my eyes are popping like they did were that night.

3. Shamika Sanders

Shamika Sanders Source:Shamika Sanders

I have my mother’s buoyant energy and poise. My mother was teaching me lessons in patience long before I knew it was a virtue. I think my patience is one of my most beautiful traits. Since I was a little girl, my mother taught me about skincare through her love of Mary Kay products. She took me to Mary Kay meetings where we would learn information about facials. I would always be drawn to the lipsticks. When we’d get home, I’d look through all the eyeshadows and lippies in her stash admiring the colors. As a very religious family, she taught me to dress in my Sunday’s best for church (and always wear stockings). To this day, I step out on Easter like it’s the Oscars. 

4. Marsha Badger

Marsha Badger Source:Marsha B.

My mother taught me the importance of experiencing the world. From a very young age, she encouraged me hop on the plane and see how other people are living. Whether it was a road trip to Canada or a flight to Germany, she made sure that I understood just how big the world is. Because of this, I’ve traveled all over the world and incorporate it into my self-care regimen.

As an adult I travel with my mother often. Before the pandemic we went to Portugal for my birthday. We’ve also visited different parts of Spain, Italy, France, Aruba, Cuba, Mexico, Antigua, Guyana, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guadalupe, and more! We also have a hefty travel life outside of each other. It is one of the many things that keep us connected. 

5. D’Shonda Brown

D'Shonda Brown Source:D'Shonda Brown

My mom has always taught me about the importance of flawless skin. I don’t know how she does it, but her skin always has a natural glow. Growing up, she had me taking care of my skin with the basics – Noxema, Nivea face cream, Vaseline, and Aveeno. Skincare and beauty weren’t just limited to my face either. Sharon Fields always made sure that I never left the house ashy, like ever. If I dared to attempt to leave the house with a bit of ash on me, she would call me out before I hit the door and made me put on some lotion. Beauty lessons that I’ll always have for a lifetime straight from my mother are the importance of a smooth body and glowy face.

6. Samjah Saulsberry

Samjah Saulsberry Source:Samjah Saulsberry

My mother knew as a black woman in America I would need some tough skinned mixed with wisdom and a hell of a lot of confidence. Therefore, she made it her business to feed my intellect and self-esteem regularly. She covered our coffee table in Essence, Jet, and Ebony magazines so that I could see reflections of myself regularly. She encouraged the arts which cultivated my creativity and writing skills. She even instilled the taste for good music in me. Because of her, there is no Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, or Luther Vandross tune that I cannot sing along to. As I go on in life, I will never part from her teachings. I will always remember to abide by rules until I can make my own, to nurture my talents, to think beyond the surface, to purchase quality clothes so I will have them for a lifetime, and to wash my face and neck in an upward motion to avoid aiding the aging process. Thank you, Momma, for showing me how to love myself and how to take care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

7. Ida Harris

Ida Harris Source:Ida Harris

My mama died in her mid-twenties, leaving me in care of her elder sister Hattie. My aunt became the mother I lost. She taught me how to become my own woman, and in that, I learned the art of being fly—directly and indirectly. My lessons came by way of our weekend shopping rituals, and watching her prepare for dates with my uncle or soirees with her girlfriends. Those moments were a study in grooming hair, tweezing eyebrows and drawing that back down on, beating faces, smelling good and stunting in the dopest outfits. And then there were the countless Sunday afternoons spent sitting between her legs, getting my hair braided and beaded, then preparing for the week. Those days are some of the most tender times shared with my AuntieMama. All these years later, none of it is lost on me. Shopping is still therapeutic and Sunday prep is sacred.

8. Sharde Gilliam

Sharde Gilliam Source:Sharde Gilliam

My mom has taught me the importance of health and staying natural as it relates to beauty. For skincare, she stresses clean eating, drinking water, and stays away from soda, candy, high sugary juices, or other unhealthy foods. When it comes to hair care, she stands by all-natural products, low-tension styles, and delicate care and was never a fan of harsh chemicals like heavy perms or dyes. She believes that a clean diet, natural products, and gentle care are important and over time, passed that knowledge down to me. Those simple beauty hacks have subconsciously stuck with me and to this day, I believe that clear skin, healthy nails, and strong hair start from within, and keeping your body clean will allow you to have long-lasting beauty from the inside out.

9. Tatayana Yomary

Tatayana Yomary Source:Tatayana Yomary
One beauty lesson that my mother instilled from me since I was a child was the importance of viewing my natural hair as beautiful and taking the extra steps to keep my coils in shape. ‘Weaves are beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to the gorgeous curls that naturally come out of your scalp,’ she always reminded me. ‘So always make it a point to take care of your hair under your weaves. You don’t want to have to rely on extensions.’ For my 4b/4c curls, she taught me to utilize the power of oils and creams to lock in moisture and aid in my hair growth.