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Adulting, the pandemic, politics, and today’s economy are just a few things that can contribute to your stress level.

Wallethub conducted a study in the U.S., based on work stress, financial stress, family stress, and stress related to health and safety to compile a list of cities based on their stress levels.  According to their report, Wallethub “compared more than 180 cities across 40 key metrics.  Our data set ranges from average weekly work hours to the unemployment rate to divorce and suicide rates.”

So who made the list?  Two cities in Ohio made the top 10 most stressful with one landing at #1.  Want to skip out on the stress altogether?  Consider relocating to Fremont California as they’ve earned the title of the least stressful city in the U.S.

See the top 10 most stressful cities on the list below

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1. Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio Source:Getty

Voinovich Bicentennial Park, along the shore of Cleveland Harbor, provides a stunning view of Cleveland Ohio’s beautful skyline. The colorful buildings of Cleveland stand benath a blue sky with whispy clouds. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,ohio,outdoors,travel,city,cityscape,travel destinations,skyscraper,text,modern,architecture,sky,building exterior,famous place,downtown district,tourism,cleveland – ohio,waterfront,midwest usa,urban skyline,public park

2. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan Source:Getty

The Detroit skyline as seen from across the Detroit River, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,travel,copy space,city,cityscape,travel destinations,north america,skyscraper,water’s edge,modern,geographical border,border patrol,tall – high,michigan,dusk,architecture,building exterior,long exposure,illuminated,river,tower,city life,sunset,panoramic,downtown district,coastline,trading,waterfront,twilight,street light,moody sky,pier,automobile industry,midwest usa,windsor – ontario,riverbank,renaissance center,nafta,detroit river,urban skyline,office building exterior,great lakes,international border,detroit – michigan,observation point,usmca

3. Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi Source:Getty

color image,photography,horizontal,usa,nature,outdoors,water,day,transportation,cloud – sky,travel,copy space,nautical vessel,north america,water’s edge,beach,sky,building exterior,sea,incidental people,guidance,tree,coastline,direction,waterfront,harbor,coastal feature,marina,lighthouse,gulfport

4. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland Source:Getty

Inner Harbor and Baltimore Skyline, Featuring World Trade Center Baltimore and National Aquarium – Baltimore, Maryland, USA. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,distant,pride,awe,motion,outdoors,water,business,day,freedom,flying,nautical vessel,city,cityscape,travel destinations,skyscraper,unity,reflection,modern,architecture,sky,flag,independence,building exterior,american culture,sunset,american flag,patriotism,famous place,baltimore – maryland,wind,panoramic,downtown district,museum,waterfront,harbor,bay of water,inner harbor – baltimore,financial district,national flag,marina,chesapeake bay,world trade center baltimore,urban skyline,office building exterior,aquarium,scenics – nature,maryland – us state,national aquarium – baltimore

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Source:Getty

Sunset, Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,finance,vacations,outdoors,business,travel,city,cityscape,travel destinations,skyscraper,modern,international landmark,building exterior,national landmark,river,sunset,tranquil scene,philadelphia – pennsylvania,famous place,idyllic,tranquility,pennsylvania,downtown district,boardwalk,waterfront,schuylkill river,promenade,embankment,financial building,urban skyline,office building exterior,business finance and industry,finance and economy

6. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee Source:Getty

USA, Deep South, Tennessee, Memphis. (Photo by: Dukas/Christian Heeb/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) color image,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,city,human interest,tennessee,memphis – tennessee,waterfront,southern usa,urban skyline

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana Source:Getty

The city skyline of New Orleans, Louisiana, and surrounding metropolitan area along the banks of the Mississippi River shot from an altitude of about 1000 feet during a helicopter photo flight. no people,photography,horizontal,usa,vacations,business,transportation,aerial view,travel,high angle view,city,cityscape,travel destinations,skyscraper,water’s edge,modern,built structure,architecture,close-up,building exterior,mode of transport,new orleans,gulf coast states,multi colored,river,city life,hotel,famous place,louisiana,downtown district,waterfront,above,wide angle,financial district,highway,interstate,mississippi river,riverbank,urban skyline,office building exterior,bridge – built structure,interstate 10,modern period

8. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama Source:Getty

The downtown district and skyline of Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is a banking center and iron and steel producer. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,business,travel,city,cityscape,travel destinations,north america,skyscraper,modern,built structure,dusk,architecture,sky,building exterior,gulf coast states,illuminated,tree,tower,city life,sunset,downtown district,district,southern usa,birmingham – alabama,south,urban skyline,office building exterior,business finance and industry,alabama – us state

9. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri Source:Getty

A view of St. Louis, Missouri from Eads Bridge as the sun sets. The Gateway Arch towers at the left edge of the image while the cityscape fills the space between the Arch and the bridge. The setting sun is peeking just over the top of one of the buildings, sending flares of sunlight toward the viewer. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,water,travel,lens flare,city,cityscape,travel destinations,skyscraper,sunlight,reflection,sun,dusk,architecture,building exterior,national park,river,city life,sunset,famous place,downtown district,waterfront,missouri,mississippi river,eads bridge,riverbank,urban skyline,office building exterior,public park,bridge – built structure,gateway arch – st. louis,arch – architectural feature,st. louis – missouri

10. Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio Source:Getty

Toledo, Ohio photography,horizontal,usa,ohio,outdoors,problems,happiness,economy,city,cityscape,cheerful,building exterior,sunny,river,city life,downtown district,crisis,waterfront,toledo – ohio,urban skyline,finance and economy,lucas county