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George Floyd Protest in Philadelphia

Source: @JustInMyView / Reach Media

Day 2 of protests in Philly resumed on the highway where the protestors did a peaceful walk. The police were caught on video throwing tear gas at protestors walking on highway 676.


This escalated into the night past curfew were around the city people were hearing explosions. Allegedly Philly police switched their scanner to a private channel, trapped protestors on the highway and tear-gassed them repeatedly, then protected/possibly helped organize a roving band of white supremacist Fishtown men with bats. Full recap of yesterdays protest and Philly explosions are below.


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Aftermath of highway protest #Philly

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If you were offended that I deleted yesterday’s post which showed a black protestor kindly offering bottles of water to white police officers, please watch this different video which shows a different perspective of the current situation and rethink your position. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s an important part of revolutions. And that’s what POC in America need. I don’t think every officer acts this way. But I have a platform and privilege that can be used to help create change and now is not the time to highlight optimism because, straight up, black people are being murdered for the color of their skin and my white followers need to understand where all of that starts and comes from. JUST LOOK AT THIS FUCKING OFFICER. LOOK AT HIS MANNERISMS. HE’S STARING THE PROTESTOR DIRECTLY IN THE EYES AS HE POURS OUT THIS WATER. HE’S ENJOYING IT. IF HE’S ACTING THIS WAY NOW, IMAGINE WHAT HE’D DO IN PRIVATE, WITHOUT THINKING HE’S BEING RECORDED. He likes the power. IT’S THE SAME REASON THE RIZZO STATUE HAS REMAINED. Thank you to those who expressed feelings about this, on both sides, but mainly to the People of Color who spoke up and called me out. Just know that your comments and messages woke me up, that energy you put into it had a direct result. Thank you. #peopledelphia #visitphilly #discoverPHL #whyilovephilly #phillyphilly #phillysupportphilly #howphillyseesphilly

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