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Governor Wolf has made an official list of what businesses can stay open & what must be closed during the COVID-19 epidemic.

On this list separates the essential and non essential personal to know the difference of the two. Some business that can stay open are gas stations, grocery store & restaurants (take out only). During this time we have been ordered by Governor Tom Wolf to stay in doors from preventing the virus to spread as they work around the clock stopping the Coronavirus.

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The full list is below.


Click to access 20200319-Life-Sustaining-Business.pdf


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Philadelphia’s Official Coronavirus Testing Locations

1. Gas Stations (OPEN)

Gas Stations (OPEN)


2. Grocery Stores (OPEN)

Grocery Stores (OPEN)


3. Taxi Services (OPEN)

Taxi Services (OPEN)


4. Clothing Stores (CLOSED)

Clothing Stores (CLOSED)


5. Child Day Cares (CLOSED)

Child Day Cares (CLOSED)


6. Book/Music Stores (CLOSED)

Book/Music Stores (CLOSED)