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Megan Thee Stallion

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2022 is officially here and most of us are looking to refresh, recharge and level up. And while that may mean hitting the gym or finding new job opportunities for some, for others it may mean moving on from a relationship that just doesn’t work anymore.

With that said, fans of Megan Thee Stallion are keeping a close watch on the Texas native’s social media, as many have noticed that she has deleted photos of Pardison Fontaine. In fact, Pardi’s birthday came and went last month without much noise or online love from Megan, which is strange considering the pair shared plenty of pics from their recent vacation together.

Now this could be strategic: Perhaps the couple decided to be more private for 2022. Or maybe Megan will pop up with new, fresh photos with her boo in the near future. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but deleted pics of a lover typically means that there’s trouble in paradise…

But for now, all we can confirm is that the Houston hottie has cleaned up her social media, wiping away traces of her famous boo and the streets are already speculating.. scroll below to see a few fan reactions to the rumored split.

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