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President Obama Addresses U.S. Involvement In Libya

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Today marks the 59th birthday of our forever president, Barack Obama. America’s 44th president made history in 2008 by being the first African American to hold office and has remained in our hearts ever since. He’s a father, family man, and leader, but most importantly, he’s down to earth. With his killer jump shot and impressive dance moves, Obama has also made history by becoming America’s coolest president to ever do it. Here are 7 times Obama kept it trill in the white house.

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1. The Time he Used Jay-z’s ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’s’ Lyrics After Being Attacked by Hillary Clinton

2. He Embarrasses his daughters, Sasha & Malia with cheesy dad jokes just like any other dad

3. When he impressed us all with his excellent rap taste

4. Let’s not forget the time he also impressed us with his singing

Source:We all know real men aren't afraid to cry.... but we have another level of appreciation for a man that cries while praising his wife

5. Then there was the time he showed us his jump shot

6. He’s not afraid to let loose on the dance floor

7. What other president has dropped the mic during the State of the Union??