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Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Mexican Getaway  was originally published on

1. Ciara hits Mexico with her friends, bae, and family.

2. Pose like Ciara.

3. Mi Amor Verdadero….

4. @Cesar4Styles You Laiddtt Dis Hur Boo 😘 #FunTimesWithPeopleILove!! ❤️

5. CiCi has fun in Mexico.

6. CiCi gets glam on vacation.

7. CiCi shows off her curvy body.

8. CiCi looks hot in Mexico.

9. I Saw The Sun…

10. #Bae

11. “It’s so good lovin’ somebodyAnd somebody loves you back” @Ciara Photo Cred: @West2EastInc

12. Love & Happiness