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PJ Washington Allegedly "Forced" To Pay $200K In Child Support

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

Brittany Renner’s jersey should be hanging in the finesse Hall-of-Fame if this story has any teeth to it.

It’s no secret that PJ Washington wishes he didn’t fall for the trap, but here we are. When we last spoke on his “dilemma,” he accused Renner of “faking their relationship” and confirming the once happy couple were on the outs with a series of sub-tweets.

Twitter is once again chiming in on the situation after a tweet alleges that Renner secretly divorced the NBA hooper 2 weeks after she gave birth to their son, and he is now being forced to pay “$200K in child support over the next 18 years.” We’re gonna take this with the tiniest grain of salt because it was never reported the two were married in the first place, but we are always here for some juicy mess.

What also has social media rumbling about the situation is a video clip of Renner giving her followers some “game,” saying, “so if y’all really want to try come up off a check off a man, you can just f*** an athlete, they’re really dumb.”

Twitter has been throwing up prayers for the young 22-year-old hoop they believe Renner (29) plotted on from the jump since he was 18, he and is now stuck in what they believe to be a crappy situation. According to one Twitter user, Renner getting upwards of “$50 million” easily proves how much of a “scam” the child support system is.

If this is indeed true, Renner has hit the jackpot, but you really gotta feel bad for Washington, who was honestly looking for love but sadly found it the wrong place with the Instagram hottie. You gotta respect her game if she seriously finessed this brother like that.

To quote the toxic king Future, “it’s an evil world we live in.” We hope these two adults can get along with one another for the sake of their seed.

In the gallery below, you can peep more reactions to PJ Washington’s bank account allegedly being garnished by Brittany Renner.

Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

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She might deserve a championship ring for this. 


Spits out coffee. 


Uh oh. 


Lol, accurate.