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Jess, Donna & Alex Come To Walt's Defense On 'Black Ink Crew'

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Last week Ceaser made the ultimate decision to kick Walt out of the “Black Ink family” and ban him from all the shops. The saga continues on this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: New York.

The episode opens up with Donna prepping for her couples-only, CBD oil-infused dinner for her co-workers. Tatti is there helping her out and decides to do what she really does best: spill tea. Tatti shares the gossip about Walt with Donna and Alex and shows them the security camera footage.

Unlike everyone else who was quick to say it was Walt in the video, Donna isn’t so sure the blurry footage is enough to accuse Walt of a serious crime, especially when Black Lives Matter is at the forefront. She also claims that the walk everyone keeps pointing to as evidence is not the smoking gun they think it is. At the same time, she does think Walt was wrong for stealing the money out of the register.

Meanwhile, across town, Walt finally decides to come clean to someone he should have spoken to A LONG TIME AGO, his wife. He tells Jessica about all of the drama going on between him and Ceaser and reveals that he did take money out of the register because he panicked due to bills and child support piling up. But, he definitely had nothing to do with breaking into the shop. Walt claims he has proof that he did not steal from the shop in the form of a Lyft receipt that will debunk that whole theory.

Jess is shocked and disappointed that Walt didn’t tell her what was going on before making such a rash decision without coming to her first. Jess says that while her husband let her down during her confessional, she will not judge him because she knows what it’s like to be desperate, revealing she sold drugs and scammed people to get money for her kids.

Back at the dinner, after everyone shows up late, while everyone is throwing down their CBD oil-infused crab legs and other hoodtastic delights, the conversation shifts to Walter. Donna reveals that she did send an invite to Walt and Jess, much to the dismay of Ceaser and Ted but decided to tell them not to come because of what was going on.

Puma, who has been skeptical, finally sees things like Ceaser and Ted and reveals that after having a conversation with Walt feels like his story is making no sense and that he is just making excuses for dealing with adult issues.

On the other hand, Donna is sticking by Walt and feels it could just be a case of Walt living beyond his means and wonders if there is more to the story than him just being behind on his child support. Ceaser chimes in, and he is still over Walt, claiming that no one ever really knows what is going on with his former friend because Walt doesn’t share everything with them.

Following their conversation, Jess decided to head to the shop to talk with Ceaser and Puma. Puma thinks it’s a case of the couple living their best lives during a pandemic, with Walt living beyond his means. When Jess arrives, Puma makes it a point to ask who paid for their recent vacation, and Jess reveals she did.

Ceaser wastes no time showing Jessica the footage of her husband allegedly entering and leaving the scene of the crime. She dismisses the video saying it’s not Walt because the person doesn’t have Walt’s bowlegged walk. Still, Ceaser tells Jess his beef is not with her. It’s with Walt because he still stole from him, and his decision is final… for now.

Following the conversation at the dinner, Donna and Alex decide to go have a conversation with Walt themselves. Donna is the only person from the crew still on Walt’s side. During the discussion, Walt again confesses to taking the money but not breaking into the shop. Donna feels Walt may have had a valid reason, but he also needs to stop lying to himself and change his attitude when talking to Ceaser.

Things take an interesting shift when Donna suggests that Walt deserves more than what he got from Ceaser, being that he’s been there from day one. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Walt was banned from the shop, being that he helped build Ceaser’s “empire.” Walt isn’t so sure about what Donna is trying to say and thinks the feelings are stemming from her problems with Ceaser.

This situation is just getting more interesting as the season progresses.

Other notable Black Ink Crew moments from the episode include:

Krystal and Rok finally go public with their relationship when they show up together to Donna’s dinner. The crew, being that they’re haters aren’t too sure about Black Ink’s newest couple due to the track record of love in the shop.

Young Bae is healthy and feeling good after her scare with her breast implants which have been removed. To celebrate, she has decided to go back to Black Ink. Yaaaayy… we guess.

Even though Tatti has shown her leadership skills are on point while handling two Black Ink events, Ceaser isn’t still convinced she deserves a managerial position in the shop yet. Welp.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

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