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Aaron Rodgers Adam Schefter

Aaron Rodgers (left) Adam Schefter (right)

Aaron Rodgers has turned the final stages of his NFL career into a dramedy, and I for one am completely here for it.

As a self-described, self-loathing fan of the Cleveland Browns, I’ve gotta admit, anytime there’s chaos in the football world outside of Ohio I am 100% here for it. But even we couldn’t have predicted the unprecedented mess Rodgers finds himself in now.

The one-time Super Bowl winner went on the Pat McAfee Show earlier today and let all his future plans hang out. It seems that Rodgers going to the New York Jets is now inevitable, as he voiced as much during the interview.

But that’s not where the drama is.

Adam Schefter, ESPN’s Senior NFL Insider, was looped into the mix. During the interview, Rodgers stated that he “didn’t have time” for the Scheftys of the sports world, and even claimed to have told the longtime ESPN insider to “lose his number”. Schefter later confirmed this with the 21st century’s way out putting someone on blast – a screenshot and a tweet.

It didn’t take long for football fans to chime in, leaving comment after comment beneath the tweet. One of my favorites is a still shot of Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde, the fictional character on Netflix’s Ozarks. The tweet opens with Schefter saying: “I’m going to go ahead and confirm this report with Aaron Rodgers”. To which Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, simply replies, “The f*** you are”.

And there’s the comedy.

Regardless of how this Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay Packers/New York Jets script unfolds, I’ll be watching with bated breath… and perhaps some popcorn.

Keep scrolling to see some hilarious replies to Rodger’s declaration to Adam Schefter!

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