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We first met T-Pain as a rapper turned singer — now you can say he’s a rapper, turned singer, turned low-key excellent dancer. Pain has shown off his dance skills here and there throughout the years, but not many people took him serious enough to realize that the guy is talented AF.


Let’s be honest — some people are just now realizing that Teddy Penderassdown can actually sing, too. One Twitter user wrote, “Y’all obviously have only heard auto tune T-Pain. T-Pain a beast and can freestyle like fuq. Sing like fuq, that’s one talent that half y’all artists can’t even do. What about dance? Oop there goes two. Like his episode on Wildnout had me begging for a EP or sum y’all buggin.”

But sometimes real does recognize real. Someone tweeted, “Seeing T-PAIN today made relive my entire childhood mannnn and that man got dance moves”. Another Pain fan wrote, “Love me like T-Pain used to love that dance move when he’d press his chin and chest.”

And let’s not forget that one of the biggest singers/dancers in the world, CB, has been co-signing T-Pains singing and dancing for over a decade now, which speaks volumes about the Florida native’s natural talent.

After over fifteen years in the game, we all admire Pain’s talent now and appreciate him for who he is. The best part about his music is that it makes the world dance. Kobe Amoh once wrote, “I feel really sad for today’s youth because they’ll never know the joyous feeling when T-Pain came in on a track during a junior high dance.”

Pain is one of the rare gems that we should cherish while he’s still here and young and dancing. In honor of the hit god’s 33rd birthday, let’s take a look back at some of his best dance moves that may or may not have made us laugh at one point.

Happy birthday, T-Pain.


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1. The Unknown

We’re not sure what to call this one, but if it’s cool enough for Pain, it’s cool enough for us.

2. Look Alive

Did you really expect for a new dance like the “Shoot” dance to be poppin and T-Pain not try it? Look Alive.

3. TP & CB

Anytime you battle Chris Brown, you’re solidified as a dope dancer.

4. The Basics

We all remember this classic Teddy Pain move. Believe it or not, this became a thing in the early 2000’s.

5. Never Scared

Remember when Pain went to Sydney and showed off his dance skills with some real, street dancers? Gotta give him credit for that.