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Famous producer Shawty Redd turns himself in on homicide charges.

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The past decade has shown us a lot, from the death of Michael Jackson to the birth of Auto-tune. It has also brought us some of the most horrific scandals and probably one of the worst economic crisis this country has seen in a long time. Of all of these things, which will be remembered the most? has broken down the top 50 for us. Check it out...

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The end of the year brings in a new decade, and some of the hottest hip-hop trends have emerged from this decade. Take a look at what some of the legends in the game say were some of the major hip-hop trends from this past decade.

100.3 wants to think everyone for coming out, Check out the video if you missed it!

Some of the real headlines for 2009 (“Lil Wayne Can’t Sell House Because Of Weed Smell”) and “ Cop Pulls Out Gun At Snowball Fight”) were pretty outrageous. We can only imagine what 2010 has in store.