Fox News Goes Against Lady Gaga Calling Her Music Poison To Childrens Minds **DISCLAIMER:UNCENSORED**

South Park Spoofs Tiger Woods Break Up With His Wife & Their 'Lack Of Domestic Violence'

Rihanna spent $840,000 stacks a year between a trainer and personal chef who are on call at all times. It’s reported that her chef is $800 a day and her trainer is $1,500 a day.  You all are smart…do the math, that’s close to 1 million. Rhianna call me!!! I I can save you a […]

Gabourey Sidibe’s mom Alice is talking to the press again.  She told the folks over at RadarOnline that all this hoopla about her daughter’s weight is crazy.  And she admits that Gabby does in fact want to lose weight.  But she explains that Gabby wouldn’t be where she is now if she wasn’t, in fact, […]

Al Sharpton speaks out in support of President Obama's initiatives for all Americans, while other prominent black figures challenge the President. Read clips from The Wall Street Journal's article labeling Mr. Sharpton as Obama's New Partner.

Customers shopping in a South Jersey Walmart got the shock of their life when they heard an announcement asking all African-American customers to evacuate the store.

Police say a mentally disabled 16-year-old boy stole a bus in suburban Philadelphia and hit more than a dozen parked cars before being apprehended. O.K. Maybe I shouldn't laugh at this story but all I could think of was the Blind Kid in "Bustin Loose" stealing the SchoolBus

(AllHipHop News) Despite currently serving a 1 year jail sentence in New York, Lil Wayne has been hit with a bench warrant for failing to appear in Arizona to face drug and weapon charges. Could this be back to back Jail sentences for Weezy????