French said it: “Dipset is over,” and much more in this interview. Take a listen to the audio below and tune in to Star & Buc Wild weekday mornings from 6-10 am or listen online! RELATED: Dipset “Reunion Concert” Commercial [VIDEO] RELATED: Much More From Star & Buc Wild On TheBeatofPhilly.com

Wow! Tone Trump’s interview on the “Star & Buc Wild Show” was realler than real. The conversation flowed nicely until Math Hoffa’s name came up, does someone sound a little tight? Take a listen… RELATED: Which Philly Rapper Was The Hottest In 2010? RELATED: Local Music On TheBeatofPhilly.com RELATED: Much More From Star & Buc […]

They got off to a late start, but Beanie “The Sex Symbol” Sigel made it to 100.3 The Beat to talk to Star & Buc Wild this morning. Did Star go in? What’s the deal with his tax situation? How many millions of dollars does Dame Dash allegedly owe Beans? And what are the top […]

One of the stops Jay-Z made during his promo tour for his book “Decoded” was by “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM. The two had a surprisingly engaging conversation, and Jay-Z spoke candidly about his childhood, his drug dealer days and the loss of his father. In addition, Jay-Z explains why Kanye West’s statements […]

J. Anthony Brown is telling diabetics to pace themselves during the holiday with the “Diabetic” Thanksgiving Day in this funny song. Check it out and take notes! RELATED: J. Anthony Brown Murders Another Hit: Bishop Eddie Long

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Check out the list on what Women Do To Push Their Men Away!

Fantasia recently called in to speak with the crew from "The Russ Parr Morning Show." One topic of discussion was Fantasia's quick return to the spotlight after her suicide attempt. Did the record company press her to come back? Was it all too soon? What about Fantasia's daughter? Does she know the entire truth, too? Find out what 'Tasia had to say...

Huggy Lowdown has all your celebrity gossip, and today on his agenda is the story about T.I. helping a man off a roof and convincing him not to commit suicide in Atlanta. And hear his funny side comments about ecstasy, shots and Tiny.

If you're not big baller, then you might appreciate the "Six-Pack Life" ... a new spin on "Champagne Life" by Ne-Yo!