The Hot Life

On a new episode of #TheHotLife, Hot107.9’s online reality show, the girls of Philly’s Morning Show square off. Laiya has had enough of Shamara and her “Selfie” addiction, but Shamara doesn’t seem to care much about what Laiya thinks (or anybody for that matter). Check out the hilarious episode below… Also Check Out: #TheHotLife – Ep. 1: Meet […]

On the second episode of our Instagram reality show #theHOTlife we find out that Darcel claims she never wants food but always has a fork on stand-by just in case. #TheHotLife –  Ep. 2: Food Games

It’s the first installment of our new IG reality show #theHOTlife – In this episode we find out what “oils” are and why Q Deezy and Malc Geez call themselves the “Exxon Boyz” Produced by: @blogzworth @_zorina__ Ep. 1: Meet The Exxon Boyz starring Q Deezy,  DJ Malc Geez, and Darcel.