Going up against the 7'4 #1 pick of the 2023 Draft, Embiid came into the game with a 'welcome to the league' attitude against Wembanyama

It is debatable who exactly has the ugliest jumpshot in league history. even some of today's NBA stars have unorthodox shooting forms.

Edwards was interviewed about his signature shoe AE1 by adidas and who he would want to see wear his design.

A representative for the 76ers told sources that Oubre was walking towards his residence in Center City when he was struck by the vehicle. 

Joel Embiid was informed of Harden's remarks and challenged his ideology that he was on a leash during his tenure as a Sixer. 

Harden never said he felt like an animal, but the words he used, you could assume he was being treated like one. 

Philadelphia, is a city of brotherly love and is always welcoming over newcomers and transplants. The Newest Sixers express their sentiments.

The LA Clippers acquired 10-time All-Star guard James Harden in a blockbuster trade with the Philadelphia 76ers  Monday night.

The Philadelphia Sixers have asked James Harden to 'stay home' admist their home opener as they travel to Milwaukee to play the Bucks. 

Ahead of an October 18th team practice, Not only was Harden not in the building, Harden wasn't even in the state!

Former Sixer Charles Barkley shared his sentiments on Hardens actions and what the sixers should do with him. 

The Philadelphia 76ers have invited students from Cheyney to a sports business bootcamp at the Sixers facility in Camden, NJ