Right on time for Black History Month, this perfectly melanated figurine reminds us of how far Barbies have come since 1980.

Yes, the iconic talk show apologized for her homophobic comments, but why is sis putting down her most loyal fanbase?

For the sistas' that spent this romantic holiday alone, I wanna know, "Did you die and are you the reason you're unlucky in love?"

Megan Thee Stallion is nothing short of a talented, eclectic mega star on the rise! Her bars are fire. Her style is crazy. And the hair…it’s just next level. When it comes to the hair game, Meg may be on another level than a lot of her peers. It’s like, she can rock any color, […]

My grandfather told me to marry for money. My mother told me to marry a God-fearing man. My father told me to marry a man who wasn’t an idiot and my grandmother told me to marry a man who wouldn’t cheat. I’d accomplished great things in my career as a celebrity makeup artist working on […]

Colin Kaepernick put down the football and picked up a pen. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback turned activist announced that he is dropping a memoir that will be released later this year that 32-year-old professional athlete announced on Thursday (Feb.13). Also announced in the press release, Kaepernick Publishing, which was founded in 2019 has inked […]

It’s a no brainer, tech and fashion do go hand in hand. Fashion brand Collina Strada and audio lifestyle company, Skullcandy proved that point with their NYFW partnership debuting the FW20 collection called  “Garden Hoe.” Monday night (Feb.10) Hillary Taymour, creator of the brand that champions itself as a “platform for social issues and […]

Online sneaker marketplace, GOAT is steadily expanding its influence in the NBA.   It recently locked in Kyle Kuzma for a second-year with its exclusive partnership deal with the Los Angeles Laker star as well as another arrangement with the Brooklyn Nets organization. Now GOAT is happy to announce that rising NBA star, Rui Hachimura […]

"I think that is important for these conditions to be represented on a runway because nobody's perfect."

Somewhere along the way, body positivity got confused with a “fat agenda” and the world forgot the message of inclusion and acceptance of all body types which underlines the movement. So often, the quest for diversity is limited to one segment of the population — more Black people, more women, more plus-size bodies — rather […]

Sunday’s big game is nearly three days away and the only thing that is more important than the actual game is the food! If it’s your turn to host the party this year, you don’t want to be the person who ruins the game by having horrible food. But not to worry, we’re giving you […]