China has a serious issue of animal welfare. dogs are being beaten to death or skinned on the streets of Shanghai. How gruesome it is to torture an animal, much else roast it alive? While this horrifying act did not take place in Singapore, but in the Kengkou district of Guangzhou, China. The gruesome incident […]

A woman who told her doctor she had a sudden, unbelievable increase in her sex drive died four days later of rabies. The 28-year-old, who lived in India, complained that she felt constantly aroused, sometimes with no stimulation at all. Her confounded physician referred her to the Sri Gokulam Hospital and Research Institute in Salem, […]

Comedian and TV actress Sarah Silverman is set to thump Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry with a provocatively titled live comedy show in his home state. Silverman is marshaling fellow comics for a fund-raiser in Texas titled, “Live From N*****head: Stripping The Paint Off Of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism.” The title refers to the controversy […]

Kid Cudi visited Conan last night and wore the infamous $4,000 Nike Air McFlys (Nike Air Mags) on the set. He told Conan he bought 5 pair, one pair for his girlfriend and 4 pair for himself. He also introduced his new line of leather jackets called Surface to Air. http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xldh8u_211928234613_webcam211928234613 by YardieGoals

With the death of disco icon Donna Summer, we remember the top ten “divas” of the disco era — female artists who symbolized the times with their style and who sang their way the hearts and consciousness of fans across the globe.

A New York billboard that focused exclusively on African-American abortion rates was taken down because of concerns for public safety, said Hal Kilshaw, spokesperson for Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising, on Thursday. The billboard was erected by group opposed to abortions. The billboard was attached to a building that houses the restaurant Lupe’s Kitchen. Some of the […]

(thatshiphop.com)Rihanna reunited with her old fling Drake on the set of their “What’s My Name” video in New York City on Wednesday. An on-set source tells JustJared.com, “Ri and Drake looked like longtime pals and got along great. When he arrived on set, she yelled out, ‘Drizzy!’ And they hugged.” –Rahim Wright

(thatshiphop.com)Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — long considered one of the best long-form videos ever — may soon be hitting the big screen. According to Deadline.com, Jacko’s longtime choreographer, Kenny Ortega, will direct the movie, which will focus on the video’s Vincent Price character. The site also reports that Jackson’s estate is shopping the idea of a […]