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Today, the Pod-Father has partnered with Patreon, bringing his eponymous podcast, network, and related exclusive content to the platform.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is also great at media evasion, as evidenced by him deftly weaving out the pocket after a tough question about his connection with Donald Trump.

The video landed on Twitter late Tuesday night (February 2), prompting ladies to reveal their thirst for the 36-year-old singer.

On Wednesday morning (Feb. 3), the rapper saw his name trending as he apparently has gone through the procedure.

New Yorkers will be hearing a lot more of Jadakiss!

Clubhouse is all the wave, and it has no one to thank but Black creatives for its success.

Michael B. Jordan is your new personal assistant, what would you like him to do first?

Police say he is now is responsible for a family member's untimely passing.

For the past minute TikTok has been ablaze with people and celebrities showing off their physics under red and dim lights, but one Twitter user named rappers he felt could actually spit a hot 16 over Doja's "Streets" instrumental.

The extremely rare Jordans are going for anywhere from $8,000 to $24,000 depending on size. Either way, we ain't never gettin' them.

On Monday (Feb. 1), the influential social movement was nominated for one of the most prestigious awards of the year in the Nobel Peace Prize.