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Well, we know from the jump that Vince is against cameras being all up in his wife’s stuff BUT she’s all open for it. Tamar Braxton chats about giving birth on television & how far she’s willing to let the cameras go. She’s always “kept it cute,” but is Tamar Braxton still keeping it cute […]

Fine China prepares us for the summer, it’s such a fun sounding love song. Chris has dropped yet another single, “I Can’t Win” off the upcoming “X” album. The ‘X’ project is scheduled to hit shelves July 16th.

So much for the back & forth as to whether or not J-Lo will be replacing Mariah Carey on American Idol BUT she did leave it up in the air! In other Jennifer Lopez news, she thinks a movie about the Boston bomber would be just as successful as ‘Selena’ the movie. Jennifer Lopez Auditions for RuPaul’s […]

Beyonce takes us behind the scenes of her H&M Commercial to get us all hot & ready for the summer! This chick make somebody wanna be in the gym 24/7!

Tasia has been every freaking where on promo for this album, “Side Effects of You.” Truth be told I’m still feeling this “Lose to Win” song though, don’t think I will ever grow tired of it. Her heartfelt performance is introduced by Fantasia noting it is her testimony. She’s very preachy but I love it! […]

*Ray J is pictured above with the, “I know you looking twigga” face Ray J has NOOOOO Chill button at all! I want his little AppleSugarSpice to take a whole entire timeout though! Ok, so a few weeks ago he hit us off with the song, “I Hit It First,” of course he poking fun […]

We’ve all heard of food stamps! Times get hard & some people have to depend on the system to feed them. Well now if you have a pet & can’t afford to feed that pet, you can get ‘Pet Food Stamps.” “A privately funded nonprofit called Pet Food Stamps was established to assist those who can’t […]

  Perhaps the second time around, is the best round and at least we hope that’s the case for Michael Jordan & his new wife who tied the knot over the weekend. Michael Jordan, 50, married Yvette Prieto, 35, on Saturday in Palm Beach, Florida.   According to The Miami Herald,the couple “were married before […]

*Photo Credit: AP After a rather long week of real world events, President Obama took it rather light on  Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The crowd didn’t mind the laughter either as he joked on several events that the media has made a big deal.“So, yes, maybe I have lost a step. But some things […]

I heard A$AP Rocky was a little cocky & had “PROBLEMS” but had NO IDEA HE WANTED TO BE A MODEL…GO FIGURE!!!! GQ wants YOU to, ‘Sail into style this summer like rising hip-hop dynamo A$AP Rocky.” The rapper tells GQ, “I wanted to model when I was younger,” he says. “I was always into […]

  Ummmm so I get that Lauren London doesn’t wanna talk about Lil Wayne but what I don’t get is why she don’t get that’s why folks wanna chat with her…especially to do interviews. Lauren’s a recluse, she’s doesn’t care much about being famous or having pictures taken of her let alone her son Cameron […]

The Carters seem like a family made in heaven though! How cute is it that Jay-Z is over in Paris with his wife Beyonce & daughter Blue Ivy. I want them A.D.I.D.A.S Blue Ivy got on though. Cameras were clicking from every single angle.                       […]