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What a way to announce a tour!  Janelle and Kimbra decided to announce their  tour by honoring some of the greats and its awesome!                                              

So Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon decided to battle it out on the Tonight Show the other day, but not just any battle, a SINGIN battle!  Not just any singing battle a singing impression battle!  Watch as Adam murders Jimmy as he sings the Sesame Street Theme song as MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!  

Yes much like the ALS challenge, Malik King has created a challenge to young black males, but is it warranted?  Watch the CNN debate with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill that will have you asking, “Is that really the problem?”

Man leave to J Cole never to disappoint when it comes to entertaining AND informing!  That’s why he opened his set with this tribute and I appreciate him for it.  I wish some one would have told Kanye to stop talkin bout yourself and how bout using your voice for good to inform folks about […]

Hey somebody had to do it.  I know I was wandering when the Hip Hop community was going to band together for a message in regards to what happened in Ferguson.  So biggups to The Game for making it happen!  Listen here and to decide for yourself if they did Mike Brown Justice, but also […]

“Powered by Narrative Science and GameChanger Media. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.” This story involves so many firsts that it’s hard to keep up.  First all biggups to the Taney Dragons who head to the Little League World Series this week! It is the first time a Philly team has done it!  Now as for Mo’ne SHE […]

Thank me later.  I think its so cool that we get to see these actors who are usually super serious, act like fools and mess up their lines.  Watch and laugh…  

Come yall I NEED these comments lol..

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart beware!  There is a new award show host in town! Opening Monologue   Drake VS Blake   Manny Pacquiao Sings ‘Let It Go’   Honorable Mention    Drake has not tried to hide his big crush on WNBA star Skylar Diggins and no one has been more observant of this than her boyfriend! Take […]

*UCLA is ready to settle a racial profiling claim by paying $500,000. The claim was brought against the school last year by a black judge over a traffic stop. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham filed a $10 million dollar suit against the school after claiming he had been physically assaulted by the UCLA police […]

Okay so  on last week’s episode of Wayne’s online series Weezy Wednesday’s he introduce his daughter Reginae’s new video, Mind Goin Crazy.  I’m not gonna lie, its very catchy, but also very Nicki Minaj eque, but what do you think?