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Century Plaza HotelDear Blackman,

I am a single man who is looking for a lifetime partner. I have been on the dating scene (circus) for a while and a lot of women have been asking me what my salary is on the first date. I have asked some of these same women their age and they got offended. A lot of them respond with ‘you should know it’s rude to ask a woman her age. I am a traditional woman.’ When has it been traditional for a woman to ask a man what his salary is on a first date?

– Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places

The Blackman:

Hi Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places –

As far as I know, it has never been a tradition for women to ask what a man’s salary is on the first date. These women that you are going on dates with are being just as offensive as what they are accusing you of being. If a woman can ask such a personal question, she should be ready and willing to respond to a personal question. It’s a double standard they are using on you.

A “traditional” woman would not ask that type of question. She would want to get to know the kind of person that you are first, not ask you the Capital One motto: “What’s in your wallet?”

On a first date you’re supposed to get to know each other, but you don’t ask questions that you would find on a credit card application.

I hope you find a woman that you can pursue a lifetime partnership with.

Good Luck