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Office love affairs can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them properly

The office has already become a dating board but this does not mean that it is a safe place to start a relationship. There are many dangers in an office relationship and the biggest one is that you could lose both your partner and your job. Still, if handled properly and according to the rules, office romance is not impossible. You spend so much time at the office, see each other all the time, have similar interests – so love is bound to come. But what to do when love comes and an office romance is on the way? Here are some suggestions:

1. Check if office romances are against your company’s regulations. This might look as a terrible breach of your privacy rights but it is a fact that many companies frown upon office romances and office romances, especially with your subordinates, are forbidden. So, you need to have a look at your contract and any other company documents for information about the company’s policy. You’d better not ask your coworkers because this way your intentions will be exposed.

2. Don’t date somebody whom you are reporting to. Dating your boss is not a good idea because it could cause a lot of complications. Still, if you feel that he or she is the love of your life, consider changing your department, so you no longer are his or her subordinate.

Keep your relationship secret. Many people like to boast with their new chick/guy but for an office romance this is a suicide, especially in the early stages when your relationship is vulnerable and you don’t know if you will make it or break it. So, unless you are certain that your office romance will last, don’t announce it in public.

Make sure that he or she is not using you. Many people will resort to bed tactics to achieve an advancement in their career. Even if you are not dating a boss but somebody at your level, make sure that he or she is interested in you and not in the benefits a relationship with you could bring them.

3. Don’t display your affections in public. Even after you have announced your office romance, avoid displaying your affections in public – it is not professional. Besides, your colleagues might envy you and they can make any mean effort to separate you.

Take a business approach to your relationship. When in an office romance, you need to separate business from pleasure. This includes not only public display of affections but also steps like not favoring your love one over a more capable colleague, or cutting communication with everybody else in the office. When you are at work, behave like colleagues, when you are out – behave like lovers.

Be prepared to leave your job and possibly the company. Office romances do go bad and in the worst case you can lose both your lover and your job. Well, if you like neither of them, this is not a loss but a win-win situation but still be prepared that you might have to leave your job and possibly the company if your office romance gets discovered and if it goes bad.

4. Avoid dating colleagues who are in a long-term relationship and especially married colleagues. The office is not a dating board and you can’t pick up everything you choose. But even if you could, dating colleagues in a long-term relationship and especially married colleagues is not a good idea.

5. No serial dating in the office. Do not regard your colleagues as a constant supply of fresh (male/female) meat. You can have 2-3 flings and relationships at most before being labeled the office whore. So, make your choices wisely.

Make sure that the other party likes your actions. Chasing a co-worker, who doesn’t like you has nothing to do with an office romance. It is more of a sexual harassment and unless you want a lawsuit against you, you’d better stop your love attacks.

6. Do not use colleagues to “communicate” with your lover, when things start going bad. One of the worst things in an office romance is when things are not working. It is a torture, especially when you see him/her all the time. If your relationship is not working, handle this as grown up people and don’t play tricks on your ex and never use colleagues to try to convince your ex to come back. The only thing you can achieve by this is a soap opera atmosphere in the office.

7. Do not discuss office matters in your private time. Last but not least, leave all your office matters at your desk and don’t spoil your free time together with office talk. You really need to separate business from pleasure.

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