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A white Florida robber took the old “a black man did it” scapegoat excuse to the next level by wearing a movie quality mask to appear on surveillance cameras as a black man while he robbed bank.

A former Tampa Bay resident is accused of wearing a Hollywood-style mask to disguise his race while robbing five banks in Ohio.

Detectives say 30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak used a mask known as “The Player” to alter his appearance and make him look African-American.

Officers say the bank robber, known only as the “hairless” robber, targeted four banks and a CVS pharmacy in the span of three hours on April 9. Various police departments throughout Hamilton County were unable to catch the man because of his disguise.

“The suspect seen in the surveillance photographs and that we were looking for, we believed to be an African American male. The suspect was actually a male, white, who was wearing an elaborate disguise,” said Springdale Police Lieutenant Michael Mathis.

Investigators believe Zdzierak was likely eluding capture by taking off the mask between the robberies and driving to his next target all the while police were searching for a black man.

It took a tip from Crimestoppers before police were able to zero in on Zdzierak as their prime suspect.

That’s a very convincing looking mask, enough that cops were probably out harassing random black men because of it. 

The real question in all of this is why did the robber chose a black man mask to disguise himself?  Surely, it would have been easier to wear a white man mask…no need to make sure his hands, wrists and neck were covered, why exactly did it pop into his head to portray himself as black while robbing banks?  Could it be that he is a smart super criminal? Nah, if he was so smart he wouldn’t be robbing banks. Maybe it’s that our society is indoctrinated with the idea that black people, black men in particular, are criminals…big, black, scary criminals that will kill your wife, car jack you and drown your kids in a lake, carve letters on your face, or rob you at gun point.  Yeah, that’s probably why he thought it was a good idea to get himself a big scary, bald, black man mask to do his dirt in.  I’m sure he didn’t give it a moments thought that real black men would be roughed up, harassed, and possibly railroaded all the way to jail because they fit the description of his mask.

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