Tall…Dark…Handsome…The humble and sexy-&-he-don’t-know-it multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician Ronin Ali has a gift he wants to give to you wrapped up in the spirit of music. His voice conjures up melodic riffs & echo’s scats of old school class with a modern day meditation of vocal liberation, with blessed hands that can evoke vibrations of positive energy with every bang of the drum, cress of percussion, and stroke of the bass he takes to make his audience feel as good as the smile that always exudes how passionate this brotha is about singing and becoming one with his instruments.

RNB Philly Listen Live

Seeing Ronin Ali perform live will give you visions of a modern day Philip Bailey, meets Tito Puente’, meets Frankie Beverly And The Maze, with a new school vibe. Right next to his microphone his set-up includes congas, timbales, and other percussion instruments he may sprinkle over his songs while performing. Yes! the brotha plays while he is singing. He has performed all over the world including Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Germany, Italy, etc., opening up for artists such as the Fugee’s and Erykah Badu. Ronin Ali also sang background for Philadelphia’s legendary powerhouse Lady Alma; was a part of the short lived reunion of Change (the band that Luther Vandross started out with), recorded a song with jazz great Mulgrew Miller. He performs with the party band Jellyroll and with them performed at the White House twice (between 20007 and 2008). He has sung alongside songstress Carol Riddick and also sat in with the legendary Mandrill on percussion. You can hear Ronin on Austrian DJ/producer The Functionist’s album (The Coalitions: Part 1) on the album opener “Right There/It’s Right Here” as well as two other tracks with female emcee Toni Blackman. You can also hear him on up and coming dancehall artist Daga’s self titled debut on the song “Fuss and Fight”.

Ronin Ali’s 1st full length CD “Warrior’s Love” will be available this spring, as he will hit the road soon after. Until then you can wrap your ears around his maxi-single that has been making a lot of underground noise at With all the love he’s been receiving from his live shows it looks like Ronin Ali will continue that soul star tradition coming from the Philly scene!


CELL: 267-253-2232