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Say it ain’t so! Rapper Nas in trouble with the government and baby momma drama?!?!?


We told you about the tax lien the IRS slapped on Nas back in October to the tune of $2,584,206.31. Now, according to court docs, Nas’ bill has ballooned to a whopping $3,365,671.26. Not Joe Francis territory, but getting close.

Last week, Nas was ordered to pay baby mama Kelis $200,000 in back child and spousal support.

Our sources say Nas doesn’t have a clue he’s going under financially and doesn’t understand he can go to jail if he doesn’t pay child support. He was at Sundance recently and raked in $50,000 for a performance, which, we’re told, he blew before he blew out of Sundance.

And more news in the non-reality department — Nas has been sending Kelis a flurry of emails, telling her how much he wants her back and where she can fly to hook up with him. Nas — she has a new boyfriend and has moved on. She really wants that divorce.

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