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I love my black women, but there are some things that I notice need to stop. I won’t subject you to watching a seven-minute viral video of two robotic animations trading stereotypical insults. But here are five things I think will help us all if Black women would just cease and desist.

Words Wilfrid Decossard

1. Asking Men to pay for Cosmetics


The only thing I’m paying for to enhance your body is soap. If you like Zest or Dove, the world is yours.  The moment you start asking for me to get your hair done, I’ll sit you down and do it my damn self. You go get your hair done at some place that’s never close to where you live because of some suggestion from a friend. By the time you get back, I’m horny, but you don’t want to “sweat it out.” Do you think I’m going to pay for that?  That’s the complete opposite of prostitution. In fact, it’s prohibition!

2. Hitting Men


This needs to stop immediately. I will never condone hitting women. Ever. But there are some women out there that I will not sympathize with. Sorry. It’s one thing when you are talking out your neck and waving your hands in our faces, but you don’t have to touch us. Just because the law is on your side does not mean you have to take advantage of it. There are a couple of men out there that don’t have a problem knocking you out.

3. Watching “The Game”


This useless show is destroying our women. I took the time to see what this show was all about since every black girl in the world watches it and won’t stop talking about it. Do you know what I found out fellas? The whole show centers around the “Sister, Sister” chick f***ing EVERYBODY. The football dude, the other other football dude, some other guy that lives with his mom for some reason even though he’s a grown ass man. It doesn’t make any sense.

4. Doobie wrap and pins, without a scarf (I Know Why the Caged Hair Sings)


Did every Black girl in America run out of scarves? Or did the salon catch on fire while your hair was getting done? Did you have to run out to save your life? If the answer is no, then find a damn scarf and put it on your head. You look stupid with all those pins in your hair.

5. Acting Like You Don’t…


Black women are notorious for going out of their way to let a man know that they will never go down (and have never been down) on a guy. There is always that same excuse “that’s just nasty.” We are all adults and we know what we all do. Stop fronting.