Boxing Results – Bernard Hopkins vs Roy Jones Jr: Here is a quick overview of the Boxing results for the Bernard Hopkins vs Ray Jones Jr Boxing odds matchup. Last night Boxing fans were treated to a long awaitied rematch between boxing Bernard Hopkins vs Roy Jones Jr. These two fighters are now in their forties and Bernard Hopkins is still considered one of boxing’s top contenders. Hopkins has waited a long time for the opportunity to fight Roy Jones Jr. again and with the expectations of cashing in on a pay-per-view event these fighters went toe-to-toe last night.

The boxing results, not without plenty of controversy, resulted in Bernard Hopkins taking the unanimous boxing odds win over Jones. Last night’s fight was stopped on several occasions for illegal blows below the belt, head-butts and a shot to the head of Hopkins. The scorecards showed Hopkins dominated with judges scoring the Hopkins vs Jone Jr fight 118-109, 117-110 and 117-110.

Bernard Hopkins looked to keep Ray Jones Jr off balance and was successful in the win which was not one of his best. Referee Tony Hopkins was credited for his above average workout with the illegal blows by Jones Jr..

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