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Dear Mr. Ask The Black Man,

I am a 53-year-old man who has not had a date in the last few years. When I meet women and  they find out I am 53  they tell me that I am too old. Most of the women I meet feel the age difference which can be from 3 years to 10 years younger is too much or the women that are my age want someone who is 10 years younger than me. I am a very active man, still look good, who is not bald has all of his teeth and stands 5’9” and weighs 180 lbs., successful in my career and who doesn’t live at home with Mama. What am I doing wrong here and why can’t I find a woman who will accept me as I am?


Mr. Bjolds

Ask The Black Man:

Hi Mr. Bjolds,

Do not get down on yourself nor blame yourself for doing something wrong. You are not too old to date. I know people in their sixties that are actively dating. Have you ever explored using on-line dating sites? There are sites like and that can possibly cater to what you want. Also, where have you been meeting all of the women that you are giving these excuses? Let’s get to the basics. What is the age range of the women that you would like to date? Be clear about the type of woman that you want and put that out into the universe.

I suggest attending some community related events. They usually have more of an intimate atmosphere to have conversations with people. If you have a particular hobby, look on line for group events that focus on that hobby. In being apart of that group there is already a common ground of something that you like so that makes it easy for you to talk to someone.

Traveling is also a good way to meet someone. People are in a more relaxed, open mood. Look to see if there are any singles cruises that encompass your age range.

I feel there are many avenues in which you can meet women. You just have to expand your horizon and try new places to do so.

Lastly, always be patient, confident, and most importantly be yourself.

Good Luck.



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