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rihanna-doritos-late-nightRihanna’s “Doritos Late Night” campaign has kicked off, and we’ve got the promotional photos.

Rihanna has been working with Doritos to create an “augmented reality music experience that showcases the multiple facets of [her] personality and style.”

Sound confusing? Here’s what it means:

As we know, Rihanna shot two videos for her song “Who’s That Chick” – a “day” version and a “night” version.

However, after the “Day” video leaked, she took to her Twitter account to explain that “Who’s That Chick” is in no way associated with her new album, and that the song would not appear on “Loud.” (In fact, the track will be on David Guetta’s upcoming album “One More Love” because he produced it.)

The videos for “Who’s That Chick” are directly incorporated with Doritos because you can watch both of them by pointing a graphic symbol located on the back of the Doritos Late Night special-edition bags at their webcam. It all depends which angle of the pack will be scanned.

But you can watch the two videos here, side by side! And see the promo shots below!