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Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Alternate CoverWhen Kanye West revealed the cover of his forthcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover, the rapper assumed people were turned off by the nudity depicted on it.

What Kanye failed to realize is that people were turned off by the fact that it was ugly.  We actually like nudity on album covers (shout out to The Ohio Players).

It was particularly revealing when Kanye told MTV that the original cover painting was something he would’ve picked or created himself at the age of 5.

He later told MTV that there were five different album covers, and that all of them would be included in the album package.

Now we get our first peek at the second cover.

If it looks familiar to you, it’s probably because the painting of the mustachioed ballerina was originally intended to be the cover of the “Runaway” single.

What do you think of this alternate cover?  Let us know in the comments!

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