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willow-sesame-streetWillow Smith and Sesame Streets have joined forces, creating the ultimate hair-loving anthem!

The last few days at HelloBeautiful (as well as all over the internet) have been about self-love, especially when it comes to one’s hair.

Women and children of color alike have been encouraged to take pride in their locks.

First, Sesame Street released a new song celebrating the wonders of hair – whether it’s combed out, in cornrows or dreadlocked.

Then, 9-year-old celebuspawn Willow Smith released the video for her viral hit-gone-mainstream “Whip My Hair,” in which she shakes haters off using her mane.

Now, the two have combined forces to make the ultimate anthem, cleverly remixed by the “Fraggle Roc(k) Nation.”

Check out this amazing mash-up of the two internet hits! (All credit to Mec Jagger)


Sesame Street Teaches Girls Of Color To Love Their Hair [VIDEO]

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