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drake-rihanna-trey-songzDrake, Rihanna, Trey Songz and Pitbull all appear in Kodak camera’s latest ad campaign, “So Kodak.”

The celebrity spokespersons each recorded a solo commercial showing them enjoying the celebrity life in the studio, at a fashion show, after a performance, etc.

Afterward, they send each other their photos using the Kodak M590’s “Share” button, which allows you to send pics to friends and Facebook.

Trey Songz (Studio) Receives From Pitbull

Drake (Bus) Receives From Trey Songz (Studio)

Trey Songz (Balcony) Receives From Drake (Bus)

Rihanna (Fashion Show) Receives From Pitbull

Drake (Radio City) Receives From Pitbull

Rihanna & Drake’s “What’s My Name (Remix)” [NEW MUSIC]

Monica & Trey Songz’ “Here I Am (Remix)” [NEW MUSIC]

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