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katy-perry-rihannaRecently, Rihanna told the BBC’s Radio 1 that she did not want to do “generic pop records” like her peers Ke$ha, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

Many people saw this as the ultimate diss considering she and Katy Perry are best friends, but Rihanna has cleared up her remarks in a new interview with German magazine Bravo.

“Katy is my friend! I would never diss her. I don’t see her as my rival. My only rival is myself, because I always wanna get better and better. I meant all the producers – that give singers like Katy, Gaga or Kesha the same kind of pop songs – think, for sure, one of them will take it and make it a single. They don’t realize that everyone of us has their own style. I love Katy’s music! That’s why I wanna make a duet with her. We’re already working on it.”

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