Bell Biv Devoe (B.B.D.), the New Edition-spinoff group made up of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie Devoe, pioneered a certain style of music. It was what they themselves once described as “hip-hop smoothed out on the R&B tip, with a pop appeal to it.” Now, the trio latest single, “Welcome To My Heart,” is a slow jam that will melt the hearts of women.

Produced by Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias (the Philly-based production team responsible for hits by Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild) and written by the LabRats, “Welcome To My Heart” takes listeners back to the days of slow dancing in your mama’s basement with the lights off. “I think there’s a lack of R&B on radio and there’s a lack of love songs,” Mike Bivins told “People tend to shy away from making good love songs, undressing the chic, going to the edge, and giving a Hip-Hop feel to a ballad. I think R&B artists should just make R&B music. We should continue to talk about love and relationships, and know that we’re not softening our approach.”

The independently-released “Welcome To My Heart” will connect B.B.D. will their already existing fan-base. Though New Edition was known for many classic slow songs, Bell Biv Devoe made their mark by infusing rap into their songs, which maintained their catchy R&B choruses. B.B.D. was one of the first groups to commercialize the R&B meets hip-hop formula. The trio will follow up “Welcome To My Heart,” with a more uptempo song entitled “You,” a song which is more in tune with the spirit that blew B.B.D. up back in the early 90s. Mike adds, “We stay in our lane and do what we do best and that’s why our style of music has worked for years and years.”  

B.B.D. is currently in the studio recording a full-length album which they hope to release later this year. 

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