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Sex tapes are like rap albums. You never know when they’ll actually come out.

Trina Hoopz And Deelishis looking sexy

Everyday it seems there is a new rumor about a sex tape popping up, but how many of them turn out to be true?  Even when the “snippets” or screen stills “leak” the final product is rarely ever released. So in the interest of protecting all of you from catching a virus when you Google “sex tape” here are 9 vids you should stop looking for, because they just aren’t out there…yet.


Tiffany “New York” Pollard – Two years ago reports of a sex tape featuring Flavor Flav’s most boisterous ex getting it on in Miami had the internet goin nuts. But thankfully long after her 15 minutes of fame have faded no one has shown up with a sex tape to reset the clock.

Deelishis wearing a dress

In 2009 Deelishis took to the air and begged her ex-boyfriend not to release the sex tape they made during a long-distance relationship. Homeboy must have had a heart after all because thus far the video hasn’t surfaced.

Hoopz in balloons from King Magazine

Hoopz–In 2009 pictures came out of the soon-to-be Mrs. Shaquille O’Neal getting her reverse cowgirl on with some lucky filmographer and she verified its existence by saying she  swore that it “was erased! But a year later the full clip has not been unloaded. So whoever has it either  got paid off or had their hard drive wiped out by The Diesel.

Fantasia Barrino laying on a couch

Fantasia--In the midst of her man-stealing scandal the American Idol alumnus was accused of having made a sex tape with her married boyfriend. Our guess is that old boy doesn’t want that getting out as proof of infidelity in case he gets hemmed up in divorce court. So don’t expect to see that one anytime soon.

foxy-brown with a microphone

Foxy Brown– A photo of Foxy Brown doing her best Superhead impression popped up to the glee of many, including rapper Maino. But the full video has yet to show up.

Nicki Minaj in a black dress

Nicki Minaj-As tantalizing as this would be we don’t expect this one to come true either. Reports early in 2010 had us all hoping that the first lady of Young Money would live up to her moniker on tape. But if somebody really had a Minaj sex tape wouldn’t they have sold it to Vivid by now?

Trina in a white dress laying on white carpet

Trina -The online search for a Trina sex tape got a huge boost when nude pics of her from a cellphone showed up on the ‘net. We think it’s highly likely that Kenyon Martin got his Mr. Marcus on with Trina and his Sidekick but so far there has been no video footage released to go with the photos.

kelis in a white top and heels

Kelis- As much as the former Mrs. Nasir Jones likes to bare it all for the camera the rumors of her sex tape have so far proven to be nothing but hype. When word first got out that she was divorcing God’s Son the “sex tape” was cited as a possible reason. But these days she isn’t even naked on Nas’ arm.


Lil Kim– The Queen Bee told in 2003 that she’d do a homemade sex tape for her husband. “If I know I’m going to be so in love with him, I would do one with him. Just like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee did.”  Seven years and several plastic surgeries later the Queen Bee hasn’t found a man up to the task.


This fake out sex tape of Mya is the best April Fool’s joke ever.


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