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Source: Fairchild Archive / Getty

Rapper Foxy Brown is getting summoned as a potential witness to secure crucial testimony for the Keefe D murder trial involving Tupac Shakur.

On September 7, 1996, Foxy was reportedly socializing with Duane “Keefe D” Davis associates in Las Vegas. On that day, she was also reportedly seen socializing with the friends of Keefe D.

During the time that Foxy was associating with Keefe D’s friends, Tupac was also located in Las Vegas. Tupac was attacked by a Southside Crip gang. Later on after the attack, Foxy was allegedly spotted Keefe D.

Although Keefe D once detailed the encounter in his book, claiming that he was present in Las Vegas, he is now claiming that his previous statements were untrue. He is now arguing that there is no proof of his presence in Vegas that day, and that his claims of being a “shot caller” was solely for personal gain and recognition.

The Clark County’s Attorney’s office is compiling a roster of witnesses to support their argument that Keefe D was present in Las Vegas that day and that he was involved in plotting the assassination of Tupac.

An unknown insider who is on the case states that Foxy’s participation in the trial is a crucial key in the direction that this case can go in. The personnel went on to say “Obviously, central to her involvement to the trial will be whether she has any recollection of Keefe. The prosecutors know that having independent and credible verification of Keefe being in Vegas would be a major benefit to their case.”