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Hollywood Unlocked The Jason Lee Show w/ Ray J

Source: Courtesy / Hollywood Unlocked

R&B singer, actor and TV personality Ray J joins culture critic and media mogul Jason Lee for an exclusive controversial discussion. Ray J hints that his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian was purposely leaked, his one true love and his friendship with Donald Trump. Read more about their conversation and watch the full interview inside.

On Wednesday (June 5), Hollywood Unlocked’s “The Jason Lee Show” released a two-hour long conversation with Ray J as he talks about his divorce with Princess Love, his friendship with former President Donald Trump, his infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape, “sleeping” with Amber Rose and his Tronix network.

The episode answers  fans’ most pressing questions. When Jason asked Ray J if his viral sex tape with Kim K was voluntary, Ray J hinted that it was intentionally leaked. Jason also revealed that Kris Jenner had threatened him for having some of the other tapes, because it was property that she owned.

As for sleeping with Amber Rose, Ray J revealed that he and Amber slept together in the same bed, because she was scared of seeing ghosts while they were both filming “College Hill.”

When discussing his relationship with his ex-wife Princess Love, he confirms that he will always love her and has a strong friendship with her despite their divorce. He also shared that she was his first and only love.

The full episode with Ray J on “The Jason Lee Show” debuted on Hollywood Unlocked’s digital platforms and their official YouTube Channel.

Watch the full episode below:

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