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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz / Blueface

Blueface is still big mad at his momma, Karlissa Saffold, especially after she did a”tell-all” interview with professional tea-spiller Jason Lee.

On Wednesday, November 15, Blueface’s momma sat down with Jason Lee about a month after he and his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, appeared on the show.

During the interview, Jason Lee asked Saffold about Blueface, not mentioning his upbringing. Saffold claimed that her son didn’t want to give off the impression he lived a good life to push his rapper persona further.

“I don’ think he wants to share that he actually had a good life,” Saffold said, per XXL’s reporting. “I don’t know, I feel like with rappers, they wanna play like they been through hell and back. I feel like, he didn’t get enough of that, maybe. Honestly, I’m at a loss for words for it.”

She Doubles Down On Her Husband’s Manhood Being Bigger Than Her Son’s

Jason Lee also brought up Saffold mentioning her husband’s penis being bigger than her son’s junk.

“Y’all already got mad when I said something about that,” Karlissa said in the interview. “So, I ain’t bringing up that d**k. I just know my man d**k bigger than his d**k,” she continued, saying she was just playing. “That was like a joke to be funny. That was trolling. So, I don’t know.”

Saffold also spoke about her son sharing a photo of her grandson’s hernia, tearing up while talking about the moment.

“When I saw that, people don’t realize, I took a whole day and just sat in my car,” Karlissa said while fighting tears. “I sat in the car for a whole day, just researching and looking it up. Jumped right into mommy mode. That flipped me out and I wasn’t ready.”

She continued, “I know [Blueface]. When he does sporadic s**t like that, he like, ‘Help, I don’t know what to do.’ And we wasn’t speaking at the time.”

Blueface Responds

As expected, Blueface was BIG MAD that his momma aired him out and took to X (formerly Twitter) to respond.

“Karlissa why is you telling this sad a*s story I like being disliked,” the struggle rapper wrote. He even took time to address his mother’s claims that he is coming up short the pecker department.

“Yo husband d**k is not bigger then mine on sY stop saying that,” he wrote in a follow up post.

Everything we know about this man and his family has been forced upon us against our will.

We want them all to go away and work on themselves, respectfully.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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